Checks on travel documents are added on the Tallinn route

TallinkSilja’s Bulletin:

Checks on travel documents are added on the Tallinn route.

Passenger travel documents for Tallinn passengers will be inspected more effectively from 15 June 2017. The enhanced measures are related to the EU Presidency in Estonia beginning in July. All travel documents from all Western Terminal 1 Silja Europe and Western Terminal 2 to Star or Megastar will be checked at check-in or at the check-in. We ask passengers to arrive at the terminal in good time.

The car departure test will normally start in Helsinki for 1.5 hours and check-in for 2 hours before the departure of the vehicle. However, the check-out of the first morning at 7.30 am starts at 6.15 am.

Passengers should be prepared to wait for the queues and to reserve time for departures and departures, as the authorities also increase the inspection of travel documents and vehicles in the ports. Documents will also be checked during landing in Tallinn.

All passengers, including children, must have a valid passport or identity card. A driving license is not valid as a travel document.

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